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Nous serons fermés à partir de midi le 22 décembre jusqu’au 7 janvier inclusivement. Le service d’urgence 24/7 est ouvert en tout temps.
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24/7 Emergency Service



Service 24 h, to provide you against operation interruptions!


CALL US AT 1 855 781-6150


For over 35 years, JPR DOORS provides technical solutions and practical access to buildings. If there is one thing we have learned is that production should never slow down, let alone undergo an interruption because of a door that will not open. Our experienced technicians are committed to always find a solution to protect your organization while minimizing the impact on your operations. Our 24-hour / 24, 7 days a week service, allow us to respond the same day if necessary.

Our goal … Reducing vulnerability and act as a safety net.

JPR … A partner first!


To whom is directed the JRP-911 emergency service


All persons or businesses that must cease operations due to a damaged or defective door. When the urgency to act is a question of time, we strive to arrive promptly at the scene of the incident and react promptly to restore circulation or secure your facilities. We act as first responders for your garage doors.

If your need is not urgent, please visit our REPAIR section and call us to schedule an appointment that best fits your schedule during our normal business hours.


How it works


Between 8h and 17h, our advisors will answer your call and will allocate the necessary resources.

Between 17h and 8h, your call will be routed directly to a technician on duty who will call you back as soon as possible.


Advantages and benefits


– Repair as soon as possible your garage door (temporary or permanent depending on the case)

– Re-establish circulation and resumption of your operations

– Secure your facilities following an incident