Door Repairs, Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Service 24/7

24/7 repair and maintenance

Take care of your garage doors to optimize your productivity, ensure user safety and reduce maintenance costs. Our service division offers listening, expertise and all the technical means to generate the best solution.

As certified Garaga Experts, we meet the highest levels of professionalism.

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Emergency service 24/7

The precipitated break down of a garage door can cause a dramatic situation for many organizations. We fully understand the state of emergency and we will attack the problem to solve it and restore the flow of users in the shortest possible time.

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Door repairs

Les Portes JPR repairs all types of residential, commercial and industrial doors and door openers. Our service division, composed of experienced and caring technicians will perform the appropriate repairs to restore fully and quickly the operation of your garage doors.

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Preventive maintenance

Our preventive maintenance program can maximize the life of your equipment while minimizing the risks. By joining a personalized maintenance plan you will prevent premature wear and suspension of your operations.


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