Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance vehicle

The garage doors are undoubtedly one of the busiest parts of your building, and it is not uncommon to find that they are poorly maintained or activated with an inadequate system. Yet they play a critical role in many respects, both the flow and safety and in terms of management.

Whenever there is a break on your garage doors, you must:

  • Suspend traffic
  • Secure the scene on both side
  • Redirecting traffic
  • Contact a service company
  • Oversee the work
  • Restore the desired temperature in the garage

As you can see, the disadvantages are numerous, costly and likely to happen in the moment when you have the greatest need.

A profitable calculation

The frequency of use of garage doors is often underestimated. It is expressed in cycles, one cycle being equal to an opening and a closing. So whenever a user leaves and returns it generates two cycles. It is important to analyze the back and forth because these data will help you make the right decisions in relation to the choice of components and the type of maintenance to preconize.

Control your spending

To reduce the costs of all of your garage doors, choose the highly qualified Les Portes JPR team, we are available 24h/7 days a week. We will make an accurate diagnosis to recommend a personalized preventive maintenance plan. Thus you will save time and money by reducing the number of emergency calls. Rest assured we are perfectly in order with the RBQ and the CCQ and we employ technicians equipped with competency cards, it’s the law! Maintenance of a garage door is not a simple thing and to do business with incompetent who improvise could cost you much more!

A garage door anatomy, better understand to best executing!

The hardware

The rails, hinges and rollers must be in good condition, secure and lubricated to ensure smooth movement, which will result in reducing noises and vibrations. In regards the lifting cables located on either side of the door, you can inspect them. If they show signs of fraying, you will know that they need to be replaced quickly because a broken cable will cause jamming of the door in the opening, a potential hazard, and other likely failure.

The springs

The springs act somewhat like rubber bands, they are the ones that compensate the weight of the door when it is moving. The maximum durability of the springs usually flutuate between 10 000 and 100 000 cycles. When the breakpoint is reached, they break without notice. To reduce costs related to emergency service calls, it is recommended to have on site an additional set of springs. This way, you will allow the replacement of those within a single service call. Usually, your door is built with a pair of springs and it is recommended to replace them at the same time, because the second will have the same level of wear.

The weatherstripping

Pay attention to your entire weather stripping. Installed on the outside frame of the door and on the bottom section, they reduce air infiltration and can have a significant impact on your heating bill.

Electric door opener

The motorization of the door as it requires regular maintenance. It is important to check the general condition of drive parts such as chain, belt and steadiness of the operator arm attached at the top of the door. Intimately connected to the automatic system, safety photocells, often called “magic eye” and other safety devices need to be properly aligned and cleaned so that they can respond effectively. The opener is often the cause of noise and vibrations that affect the comfort of the people housed nearby. Know that there are different insulating components to mitigate its negative effects.

The electrohydraulic, a revolutionnary solution!

The electrohydraulic system “EVOLUTION” replaces the springs and the electric door opener by a hydraulic cylinder. This technology will avoid the constant replacement of your springs and periodic maintenance of the electric door opener. This type of system designed for intensive usage can translate into thousands of dollars of savings each year. Visit the page to learn more produced.

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