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Nous serons fermés à partir de midi le 22 décembre jusqu’au 7 janvier inclusivement. Le service d’urgence 24/7 est ouvert en tout temps.
JPR Portes de garage. 40 ans
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Door repairs



JPR DOORS repairs all types of residential, commercial and industrial doors and door openers. Our service division, composed of experienced and caring technicians will perform the appropriate repairs to restore fully and quickly the operation of your garage doors.

Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection to make an accurate diagnosis in order to evaluate the work, the parts and the time required. They will advise you by explaining clearly how effectively we will fix your problem. If some components of your equipment are obsolete or inappropriate for your type of use, we will suggest alternative solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency


To whom is directed the repair service

All persons or businesses that must slow down its operations due to a damaged or defective door. Call us to schedule an appointment that best fits your schedule during our normal business hours.

If your need is urgent, please visit our section EMERGENCY SERVICE 24/7 and call us to quickly plan our arrival.


How it works

Between 8 pm and 17 pm, our advisors will answer your call and will allocate the necessary resources.

Between 17 pm and 8 am, your call will be routed directly to a technician on duty who will call you back in the shortest possible time when the situation is urgent and you are obliged to execute the work before 8 am.


A proactive team

– Customer Service understanding and attentive to your needs.

– Efficient geolocation assignment to accelerate the arrival of technicians.

– A fleet several clean and well equipped trucks for efficient work.

– Qualified and trained technicians to meet the highest industry standards.

– A detailed report and an accurate billing of work performed.


Equipped to be the solution

– Custom-made springs in our factory for precise calibration

– All manufacturing types of replacement sections

– The largest spare part inventory

– Up to date tools to meet all models specifiactions.


We repair for you all manufacturer’s models

– Garage doors

– Door openers

– Roll-up doors

– Rapid Doors

– Rubber Door

– Megadoor

– Dock levellers, cushions and loading dock equipment