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Nous serons fermés à partir de midi le 22 décembre jusqu’au 7 janvier inclusivement. Le service d’urgence 24/7 est ouvert en tout temps.
JPR Portes de garage. 40 ans
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JPR Doors is a family-run company with a human approach that focuses on human resources and has a distinct culture for promoting professional and personal development of its staff. Our type of business is entirely dependent on men and women who work there, in some cases for over 30 years. This is why, JPR puts the quality of life in the foreground of its priorities. We try to improve the lives of those around us through multiple means and we favor innovative fundraising ideas that, besides helping, will contribute to a more stimulating life.


At JPR, we sailed across the North Atlantic to improve the autonomy of 5,000 children.

JPR Doors is proud to have successfully participated to a fundraising campaign in 2013 for the benefit of theMélioFoundation, whichfinancially supports theRehabilitation CentreMarie Enfant(CREM) of the CHUSainte-Justine.


Under the theme “I love you as big as the ocean! ” and in collaboration with the South Seas Coffee Company, employees, suppliers, customers, business relationships and the general public, we were able to make a donation of $ 30,000. To encourage potential donors, JPR Doors participated at a sail-crossing of the North Atlantic. Indeed, an employee of the company,  Mr. Sébastien Guy, engaged himself in an odyssey of 2,500 nautical miles, or 4630 km in less than 14 days. On the “War Eagle”, a sailboat owned by the South Seas Coffee Company, led by Captain Stone Alley, they left from St. John’s, Newfoundland towards Brest in France, and successfully achieved their goal.


The object and purpose of The Mélio Foundation is to improve the autonomy of 5,000 children with mobility and/or language impairment who are treated at the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre of the CHU Sainte-Justine. By supporting rehabilitation research and by funding the creation and development of specialized services (CRME), the purpose of the foundation and its employees is to help children with such disabilities by improving their anatomy.


JPR has a "Heart of rocker" for: Cooperation and Emergency Architects

CEA has raised more than $ 20,000 in donations and sponsorships at its benefit evening 2014! With the support of JPR Doors as partner “Heart rocker”, CEA will continue to provide support to people in need, here and elsewhere.  By grouping the building professionals and developing an integrated approach where communities are at the heart of all decisions, CEA significantly and concretely contributes to providing a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment, by valuing equity, dignity and autonomy.

Mesures d'urgences JPR


Cher clients et partenaires

Bien conscient que cette période difficile nous affecte tous, nous tenons néanmoins à vous assurer de notre entière collaboration dans les situations d’urgences que peut vivre votre organisation.

Nous prenons toutes les précautions requises afin d’offrir aux entreprises et organisations toujours ouvertes, un service de réparation d’urgence de portes de garage 24h/7.

Nous minimisons actuellement tous les déplacements et nos techniciens spécialisés sont en mesure d’offrir le service en évitant les contacts interpersonnels directs et en prenant des mesures extraordinaires d’hygiène et de salubrité.

En souhaitant que la situation se résorbe dans les meilleurs délais, nous demeurons à votre écoute pour tous les besoins urgent.


Patrick Duchesne
Directeur des ventes
Les Portes JPR inc.
Cell :514-777-7614

Dear customers and partners

Although we are aware that this difficult period affects us all, we nevertheless wish to assure you of our full cooperation in the emergency situations that your organization may experience.

We take all the necessary precautions to offer companies and organizations that are always open, an emergency repair service for garage doors 24h/7.

We are currently minimizing all travel and our specialized technicians are able to offer the service by avoiding direct interpersonal contact and by taking extraordinary hygiene and sanitation measures.

Hoping that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible, we remain at your disposal for all urgent needs.

Thank you,

Patrick Duchesne
Sales manager
JPR Doors inc.
Cell :514-777-7614