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Nous serons fermés à partir de midi le 22 décembre jusqu’au 7 janvier inclusivement. Le service d’urgence 24/7 est ouvert en tout temps.
JPR Portes de garage. 40 ans
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JPR is the main reference in manufacturing, distribution, installation or repair of garage doors. Our global approach allows us to be at the service of all, responding to industrial or residential challenges. We have the expertise to intervene in every situation and new solutions are available to help you customize your door. Our approach will benefit your operations, provide an exclusive look and embellish your environment.

We implement lasting solutions

The best quality of doors and accessories, installed in accordance with standard practice in the industry.

We are committed in providing complete satisfaction

Greatest level of attention brought to details that make all the difference.

We create value for our customers

Deliveries and installation dates that meet required deadlines.

We commit ourselves in protecting you

Products and installation guaranteed to ensure your peace of mind.

The largest selection of doors and accessories

Residential doors
Residential garage doors
Residential garage doors

One of the most profitable renovations that you can make to increase your home value.

Door opener and connectivity
Door opener and connectivity

Our drive systems are reliable, safe and adapted to your needs, reducing your user fees.

Portes de garage commerciales et industrielles
Current promotion

Buy from JPR is above all getting more for your money. Discover here the best industry offers.

Corporatives videos
Corporatives videos

We offer a wide selection of doors and accessories, as well as quality installation and expert staff. We're celebrating 40 years - View our videos!

Commercial and industrial doors
At your service
Portes de garage commerciales et industrielles
Commercial and industrial garage doors

Highly innovative products to improve the efficiency of your organization.

Commercial and  industrial garage door operators
Commercial and industrial garage door operators

Custom solutions with advanced technology to answer your specific applications.

Repair, maintenance and emergency services 24/7
Repair, maintenance and emergency services 24/7

You can rely on our experienced technicians to repair your doors and revive user traffic.

Preventive Maintenance Program
Preventive Maintenance Program

By joining a personalized maintenance plan you will prevent premature wear and suspension of your operations.

Portes de garage résidentielles
Professional architects and building spaces

The most innovative and competent team of the "8" division understand your plans and advise you fairly and objectively.

Portes de garage commerciales et industrielles
The JPR Difference

Discover what differentiates us from the competition and the reasons that make us the champions of construction in our specialty.


Understand how we managed to install more than 100,000 doors. We are building together this reputation of excellence since 1978.

Mesures d'urgences JPR


Cher clients et partenaires

Bien conscient que cette période difficile nous affecte tous, nous tenons néanmoins à vous assurer de notre entière collaboration dans les situations d’urgences que peut vivre votre organisation.

Nous prenons toutes les précautions requises afin d’offrir aux entreprises et organisations toujours ouvertes, un service de réparation d’urgence de portes de garage 24h/7.

Nous minimisons actuellement tous les déplacements et nos techniciens spécialisés sont en mesure d’offrir le service en évitant les contacts interpersonnels directs et en prenant des mesures extraordinaires d’hygiène et de salubrité.

En souhaitant que la situation se résorbe dans les meilleurs délais, nous demeurons à votre écoute pour tous les besoins urgent.


Patrick Duchesne
Directeur des ventes
Les Portes JPR inc.
Cell :514-777-7614

Dear customers and partners

Although we are aware that this difficult period affects us all, we nevertheless wish to assure you of our full cooperation in the emergency situations that your organization may experience.

We take all the necessary precautions to offer companies and organizations that are always open, an emergency repair service for garage doors 24h/7.

We are currently minimizing all travel and our specialized technicians are able to offer the service by avoiding direct interpersonal contact and by taking extraordinary hygiene and sanitation measures.

Hoping that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible, we remain at your disposal for all urgent needs.

Thank you,

Patrick Duchesne
Sales manager
JPR Doors inc.
Cell :514-777-7614